Editor: Brian Ang

ASSEMBLAGE constitutes assemblage poetics. Issues forthcoming. Send related things to Brian Ang at

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Brian Ang, ed., Assemblage Sampler (April 2023): Brian Ang, Caleb Beckwith, a j carruthers, Tom Comitta, alex cruse, Lara Durback, Paul Ebenkamp, Carrie Hunter, Michael Leong, Kevin CK Lo, Joseph Mosconi, Kate Robinson, Jamie Townsend, and Jessica L. Wilkinson.

Brian Ang, Assemblage Poetics (December 2022): considers Brian Ang, Caleb Beckwith, a.j. carruthers, Tom Comitta, alex cruse, Paul Ebenkamp, Angela Hume, Carrie Hunter, Michael Leong, and Divya Victor.