Assemblage: Durback, Lo, Mosconi, Townsend and Ang, cruse, Ebenkamp, Hunter

All have work in Assemblage Sampler, ed. Brian Ang

Woolsey Heights, Berkeley, California, September 16, 2023

Paul Ebenkamp: Welcome

Brian Ang: Multiaxial Poetics

Joseph Mosconi: From For Companions
From Fright Catalog
From newer work

Jamie Townsend: From Emanuele Coccia’s Our Mind is Always in the Bodies of Other Species
From Alter Spaces
From Glamour


Lara Durback: I Could Never Never Be Lonely. A Breakbeat Container

Paul Ebenkamp: Closing

Just Like Honey, Oakland, California, September 17, 2023

Jamie Townsend: Welcome

Brian Ang: Introduction
From Process Note #23: Totality, Assemblage, Multiplicity
From The Totality Cantos: 60-8 + 38-3 + 18-2 + 26-9 + 41-3
From Process Note #23: Totality, Assemblage, Multiplicity
From A Thousand Records: 216-220

alex cruse: From 0th Aubade

Carrie Hunter: From To an Absent Future Self

Paul Ebenkamp: From The Nag Hammadi Library: The Thunder, Perfect Mind
Preteen Creationism
The Dead End That Just Wouldn’t Die

Ivy Johnson and Jamie Townsend: Closing

Images: 1 by Paul Ebenkamp, 2 by alex cruse. Recordings: Woolsey Heights by Andrew Kenower, Just Like Honey by Brian Ang. Photos/videos: 1 by Steve Orth; 2 by Lauren Levin; 3, 5, 6, 9 by Joseph Mosconi; 4 and 8 by Crystal Sasaki; 7 by Ivy Johnson.