Lone Glen: Utter Assemblage with Brian Ang, Aditya Bahl, and David Lau
Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore & Gallery
San Francisco, California, February 15, 2023

Josiah Luis Alderete: Introduction
Alex Mattraw: Introduction

Brian Ang: Introducing David Lau
David Lau: Songs about the Avant-Garde
Still Dirty (Subclip)
We Headed Out of Babylon
We Honor It in Authentic Knowing
Left Flank Pain
Fire Season

David Lau: Introducing Aditya Bahl
Aditya Bahl: From Mukt

Aditya Bahl: Introducing Brian Ang
Brian Ang: The Totality Cantos description
From The Totality Cantos: 28-10 + 95-10 + 46-4 + 17-1 + 26-4
From Assemblage Poetics
From A Thousand Records: 161-165

Alex Mattraw: Closing