The Totality Cantos
© 2022 by Brian Ang
Work appeared in Counter-Signals
Images: “The Totality Cantos Diagram” (2021) by Marc Ngui


Preface: Totality and Method
The Totality Cantos
Appendix A: Transversal Totality
Appendix B: Dimensions of the Totality Cantos


I conceived of The Totality Cantos while hearing Joshua Clover’s presentation at the Can Art and Politics Be Thought? conference on June 4, 2011. “We have, in effect, abandoned the field of the epic, of the totality, to capital, an epic sans rêve et sans merci. We have no aesthetic mode whose very thought is the whole, a mode that can accommodate totality.”1 The 2008 economic crisis and global backdrop of struggles by 2011 renewed possibilities for thinking totality, materializing it for apprehension. The period demands its poetics.
I conceived the poem’s concept and form from the start. It would be open to the totality of discourses in one hundred cantos of one hundred lines each. Every line would be a complete poem, a totalization, a singularity, a made thought. Every canto would consist of ten sections of ten lines each, each consisting of lines of one through ten words long and aligned flush left and to nine indentations in order to produce dynamic durations and spacings. Every length and alignment would occur before being repeated in the next section. Arrangement of lines would be determined by random numbers. In the transition between sections, equal lengths and alignments would be prevented from being adjacent in order to maintain dynamic consistency. Any section could be excerpted and connected to any other as long as equal lengths and alignments are not adjacent. A hundred cantos, a thousand sections, ten thousand lines. Every canto would be differently constituted by fifteen vocabularies from the totality of discourses. The fifteen vocabularies would consist of five groups of three: two tertiary groups, two secondary groups, and a primary group designating the dominance of each group in the canto, each group drawn from a different set of three discourses. In the poem’s transformation across cantos, sets would emerge and ascend the hierarchy, dominate, then descend and disappear, each set getting its dominant canto in combination with subordinate sets. Three hundred discourses, one hundred sets of three, would be drawn from in total. Proper nouns would be suppressed in order to decenter attention toward discourses. Repetition of words in a canto would be prevented in order to maximize heterogeneity, repetitions of words across cantos delineating dimensions of the poem traversing singular thoughts.
I wrote the poem from the desire to be interested in everything. I drafted half of the poem by August 2013, sampling from discourses of history, philosophy, religion, science, and the humanities, knowledges of what constitute totality, with the aid of random numbers. That month, from the desire for a poetics of greater historical self-consciousness, I named “post-crisis poetics” in my analysis of David Lau’s “Communism Today,” the first poem in my magazine ARMED CELL.2 Developing this poetics through editing my magazine, analyzing writing from it, and reflecting on my influences that enabled me to conceive of the poem led to my “Post-Crisis Poetics” essay in April 2016 and series in April 2017.3 This self-clarification honed my practice through comparison with contemporaries and revealed inadequacies in the poem’s method. I discarded the drafted cantos and kept the samples from discourses already gathered. An equal number of samples would be drawn from each discourse, 183, a set of three discourses’ samples plus an extra sample from one of the three adding to 550, the number of words in each canto. A set’s 550 samples would be divided into two tertiary groups of 61 samples each (11% of 550), two secondary groups of 122 samples each (22% of 550), and a primary group of 184 samples (33% of 550). After gathering a canto’s two tertiary groups, two secondary groups, and a primary group of samples from five different sets of discourses, samples would be distributed according to a line’s number of words: one sample for a one-word line, two samples for a two-word line, and so on. Fifty-five thousand samples would be gathered, the number of words in the poem. After gathering more samples, I restarted the poem on July 1, 2017.
Daily work on the poem consisted of writing it, reading a discourse, revising, gathering samples, and reflecting on method. In each canto, I first wrote all the one-word lines, then all the two-word lines, and so on, setting into interplay different times of writing, nonlinear construction seeing sections come together. Sections are numbered in the margin. A sample could yield one word, more than one, or no words to the poem. On average, a discourse of a primary group would yield 61 words to its canto, 6 words to a section; a discourse of a secondary group would yield 41 words to its canto, 4 words to a section; and a discourse of a tertiary group would yield 20 words to its canto, 2 words to a section. I read a book on every sampled discourse which honed my writing’s improvisation with samples. Revision applied present understanding onto past writing. Gathering samples projected them toward future writing. I set a production rate of a canto every ten days; after completing two-fifths of the poem on July 29, 2018, I adjusted the rate to a canto every two weeks in order to make more time for reflecting on method. Further principles were produced through writing the poem. Verbs would be suppressed in order to maximize connections in a smooth syntax. Repetition of word pairs would be prevented in order to maintain singular combinations. I completed the poem on New Year’s Eve 2020, during the totalizing COVID-19 crisis.
Writing is constructive articulation, articulating lines and assembling sections in order to subjectivate sense against totality’s limiting of it, thinking extendable in all directions. Words draw attention, are considered for their meanings and the discourses they are parts of, and are connected by resonances and rhythms. Through disarticulating discourses and constructing assemblages, traces of discourses are preserved and new connections from different combinations are made possible, every word connectable with all others, projecting every discourse it is part of. Discursive fields overdetermine words and lines, sense extendable through all fields. Assemblage poetics, constructive verse, writing adequate to apprehending totality.
There are two appendixes. “Appendix A: Transversal Totality” is the poem’s one thousand one-word lines, a traversal of the whole. “Appendix B: Dimensions of the Totality Cantos” is ten pieces mapping fifty-five of the poem’s most frequently used words in order to delineate its dominant dimensions. Canto sources are numbered in the margin. includes the complete, searchable text in order to find words of interest and a generator that randomizes assemblages of its one thousand sections.

1 Published as Joshua Clover, “Georgic for the World-System,” Lana Turner: A Journal of Poetry and Opinion 5 (2012), 158.
2 Brian Ang, “Post-Crisis Poetics: David Lau’s ‘Communism Today,’” ARMED CELL 5 (August 2013).
3 Brian Ang, “Post-Crisis Poetics,” ARMED CELL 10 (April 2016). Brian Ang, ed., Post-Crisis Poetics, (April 2017).



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God therapy trauma self-understanding confessions
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Mission mutations
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Metaphysical automata rejection myth archive heritage outreach team foresight caste
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Life argument components
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6 Precession
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Expedient sympathy
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Phenomena timetable prophets
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14 Entity
15 Subjectivists
16 Letter
17 Revolution
18 Paradise
19 Index
20 Annihilation
21 Reality
22 Claim
23 Decoherence
24 Crisis
25 Job
26 Conduct
27 Belief
28 Health
29 Decline
30 Protesters
31 Meal
32 Deficiencies
33 Variations
34 Insurance
35 Automatism
36 Coast
37 Stelae
38 Photons
39 Electron
40 Climate
41 Sacrifice
42 Critique
43 Correspondence
44 Century
45 Adultery
46 Savings
47 Willing
48 Oxide
49 Biochemistry
50 Humanism
51 West
52 Apples
53 Courts
54 Nyama
55 Phrase
56 Story
57 Body
58 Survival
59 Contempt
60 Deterrence
61 Transformation
62 Farm
63 Tetrapod
64 Citizenship
65 Experts
66 Endorsement
67 Cold
68 Femininity
69 Differences
70 Syllabary
71 Vacuum
72 Era
73 Family
74 Combination
75 Poor
76 Imports
77 Instrument
78 Flaw
79 Creature
80 Dust
81 Don
82 Equivocation
83 Multiplier
84 Penguin
85 Mantle
86 Background
87 Platitude
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“The 2008 economic crisis and global backdrop of struggles by 2011 renewed possibilities for thinking totality, materializing it for apprehension. I wrote The Totality Cantos from the desire to be interested in everything, sampling from discourses of history, philosophy, religion, science, and the humanities, knowledges of what constitute totality. Assemblage poetics, constructive verse, writing adequate to apprehending totality.” —Brian Ang on The Totality Cantos