Brian Ang and Caleb Beckwith at Woolsey Heights
Berkeley, California, September 24, 2022

Paul Ebenkamp: Welcome

Caleb Beckwith: Introduction
Funky Godhead Trails
By Another Comfort
Word Salad Cringe
Hands Subtle Moving
Eight Million Trees
Yes to Breath
A Recurrent Bedrock
Goth Bag Reverie
Hairs Yet Golden
Forever Appreciation

Brian Ang: The Totality Cantos description
From Preface: Totality and Method
From The Totality Cantos: 22-4 + 78-10 + 2-1 + 60-10 + 42-8
From Assemblage Poetics
From A Thousand Records: 101-105

Tim Reaper: Music
Jamie Townshend, Paul Ebenkamp, and Ivy Johnson: Banter