Brian Ang and Anne Lesley Selcer at Your Mood Gallery
Blanca Bercial’s Pfffffffffffffffff exhibition’s closing party
San Francisco, California, January 7, 2023

Carrie Hunter: Introduction
Anne Lesley Selcer: Introduction
From Solar Rejoinder
From The Dread Path of Fire
From Sun Cycle:
“You awaken to ornate, administrative violence”
“An unaccountable beauty”

Carrie Hunter: Introduction
Brian Ang: Introduction
The Totality Cantos’ description
From Appendix B: Dimensions of the Totality Cantos: THEORY MEANING ART PEOPLE WAR CULTURE
From Assemblage Poetics
“What can poetry offer to the writing of/about art?”
From A Thousand Records: 156-160
Carrie Hunter: Closing